About Us

Tena Koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa A warm welcome to Tarawera High School


Board of Trustees

Our newly elected Board continues to be responsible for the establishing of the new school from the facilities and staff right through to the curriculum and overall governance of the school until everything is in place ready for our official formal opening in 2016. The members have a strong commitment and passion to supporting this new venture for the benefit of our current students and those to come in the future.

The Board and the Principal continue to develop and encourage a positive and stimulating atmosphere and are proactive in ensuring community voice (of students, parents and all other external stakeholders) is maintained at the highest possible level. 

Continuing Consultation

We continue to request the community to take an active part in establishing Tarawera High School’s identity and the establishment of our new school site. We began our building consultation process with our staff and students in 2013 and extended this out to the community to feed back to us what they see as the needs of their tamariki. 

Feedback from the many community consultation hui saw us gathering views on the new school design, input was collected on Positive Behaviour for Learning, Cultural Competencies of Tataiako and Curriculum content for junior and senior courses. Focus groups were used to collect data from individuals to ensure engagement and consultation in the process of reviewing: 

  • PB4L – Developing our expectation of M.A.N.A.
  • Tataiako  Cultural qualities and what does success look like to whanau.
  • New Curriculum – Seniors – integrated courses.
  • New Approach – juniors – inquiry and key competency based.