About Us

Tena Koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa A warm welcome to Tarawera High School


Our Purpose

To provide a welcoming learning environment that enables our rangatahi to fill their kete with knowledge and mana.

Our  Vision

Supporting rangatahi to fulfil their potential and aspirations through meaningful partnerships with whanau and our community.

Our Mission

GROW – We will assist in the growth and personal development of rangatahi and whānau during their educative journey.
STRIVE- We will encourage rangatahi and whānau to strive in order that they fulfil their potential.
ACHIEVE- We will engage rangatahi and whānau to be confident, critical, creative and innovative learners in order to achieve academic excellence.
SERVE - We will promote a culture of care in serving the communities they belong to.


Like our sacred streams and rivers cascading at Te Takanga-i-o- Apa by Putauaki that connect and flow into Te Awa-o-te Atua at Matata, then out to sea, so too are the many connecting learning pathways at this school that enable rangatahi and whanau to gain knowledge, skills and wisdom, confidence and self-determination in preparing for their journey out into the world.